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50 min. $ 65.00 

Sale $ 50 .00

Ease stress with this focused tension-releasing massage. A therapeutic blend of essential oils are applied to remove lactic acid and eliminate chronic deep “knots.” Knead and release techniques are used to relax the muscles and increase circulation. Arise, relaxed and invigorated. 

Foot Detox

45 min

$ 49.00 service

$ 40.00

We highly recommend our clients undergo a series of foot bath detoxification treatments. This is cutting edge technology that creates an electrical charge (similar to the body’s own electrical charge) stimulating every cell in the body, to internally cleanse itself naturally and at an increased rate.

Stocking Sufferers Under  $ 50.00 

Cyber Monday Deals

CBD Foot Treatment

45 min. Massage Treatment with a mask and hot towels.

With Hot CBD oils massage

$ 69.00

$ 50.00

   65 min. Massage

$ 89.00

Sale ​$ 65.00

3 pack 65 min. Massage  $ 185.00

3 pack 65 min. Massages $ 180.00

 85 Min. Massage

$ 110.00

Sale $ 85.00

3 pack  85 min. Massage $ 240.00

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

Custom 2 hour Massage

$ 175.00

Sale $ 150.00

3 pack 2 hour Massage $  400.00

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

CBD Infuse Oils Massage 65 min. $ 108.00  Sale $ 79.00

3 pack 65 min. CBD Infuse Massage $ 225.00

 100 % Hemp CBD

Combined with the healing and pain relieving benefits of 100% Hemp Cannabis to provide an extra boost of relaxation. We use Hemp cannabis for the highest in cannabinoid (CBD) content which has been proven to assist with pain relief, anti-inflammation, and circulatory system benefits in tandem with long, soothing strokes designed to melt the tension from your muscles. While this massage can be intense, your body will thank you for the deepest possible level of pain relief.

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